Caesar Miniatures
Caesar Miniatures

Caesar Miniatures is our new and exciting range of historical 1:72 scale plastic figurines. Designed and produced with both the collector and wargamer in mind, our figures are robust and take to paint well. Please check out the Gallery for some of the very nice work done by folks from around the world. 

Historical Series

H001 SAS British Elite Force (Counter-terrorist) pictures Product discontinued
H002 WWII German Infantry (Late War) pictures Product discontinued
H003 Japan Samurai with Ninja pictures Painted figures discontinued
H004 Chinese Ch'in Dynasty Infantry (221-206 B.C.) pictures Product discontinued
H005 WWII German Infantry (Winter Coat) pictures Product discontinued
H006 WWII Underground Resisters pictures Product discontinued
H007 Assyrian Army pictures Painted figures discontinued
H008 Hittite Army pictures Painted figures discontinued
H009 Egyptian Army pictures Painted figures discontinued
H010 Assyrian Cavalry pictures Test-sprues Available
H011 Assyrian Chariots pictures Test-sprues Available
H012 Hittite Chariots pictures Test-sprues Available
H013 Babylonian Army Test-sprues 2013
H014 Hebrew Warriors (with special figure Samson) pictures Test-sprues discontinued
H015 Mitannian Chariots pictures Test-sprues Available
H016 Chinese Army  (Han Dynasty) Product 2012
H017 Crusaders (Medieval Knight) pictures Painted figures Available
H018 Saladin with Saracen Cavalry pictures Painted figures Available
H019 Trojan Army pictures Test-sprues discontinued
H020 Mycenaean Army pictures Test-sprues discontinued
H021 Mycenaean Chariot @ "Available"
H022 Biblical Era Libyan Army pictures Test-sprues discontinued
H023 Biblical Era Arab with Bedouin pictures Test-sprues discontinued
H024 Egyptian Chariots Sculpture masters Available
H025 Conquistadores pictures Product Available
H026 Inca Warrior pictures Product discontinued
H027 Maya Warrior pictures Product discontinued
H028 Aztec Warrior pictures Product "Available"
H029 Hsiun-Nu (Huns) Cavalry pictures Sculpture masters TBA
H030 Modern US Army (with desert equipment) pictures Test-sprues discontinued
H031 Modern Urban Resisters (Terrorists) pictures Test-sprues discontinued
H032 Chinese Ming Dynasty Troopers Product "Available"
H033 Chinese Qing Dynasty Troopers Product "Available"
H034 WWI French Army Sculpture masters TBA
H035 WWI German Army Sculpture masters Available
H036 WWII Chinese Army (Nationalist & Red Army) Test-sprues Available
H037 WWII German Army Product Available
H038 WWII French Army Product Available
H039 WWII Belgium & Dutch Army Sculpture masters 2013
H040 Ancient Germans Sculpture masters Available
H041 Roman Legionary Product Available
H042 @ pictures Sculpture masters TBA
H043 @ pictures Sculpture masters TBA
H044 Wars of the Roses pictures Sculpture masters 2013
H045 Republican Roman Army Product Available
H046 Biblical Philistine Warriors Product Available
H047 Ancient Egyptian Warriors (New Kingdom Era) Product Available
H048 Egyptian enemy: The Sea People Product discontinued
H049 Egyptian Nubian Warriors Product discontinued
H050 Egyptian Sherden the Royal Guards Product discontinued
H051 Roman Legionary Set II Product Available
H052 WWII German Panzergrenadiers1 Product Available
H053 WWII German Panzergrenadiers2 Product Available
H054 WWII US Army Product Available
H055 WWII British Army Product Available
H056 WWII Partisan in Europe Product Available
H057 Modern Israeli Elite Force Product Available
H058 Modern US Elite Force Product Available
H059 Modern French Army with Modern PLA Chinese Army Product Available
H060 Modern British Army Product Available
H061 Modern Special Forces Worldwide (Elite Police, Frogman, Seal, Delta force) Product Available
H062 Modern German Army (Bundeswehr) Product Available
H063 Modern Militia (Asian and Somalian Militia) Product Available
H064 Celt Warriors Product Available
H065 Greek Warriors Product Available
H066 Persian Warriors Product Available
H067 WWII German Mountain Troops Product Available
H068 WWII German Paratroopers Product Available
H069 WWII German Army with Field Greatcoat Product Available
H070 WWII German Afrika Korps (Africa Corps) Product Available
H071 WWII US Infantry Set II Product Available
H072 WWII Italian Infantry Product Available
H073 WWII British Commandos Product Available
H074 WWII Late War German Army Product Available
H075 WWII Italian Paratroopers Product Available
H076 WWII US Paratroopers Product "Available"
H077 @ @ @ @
H078 @ @ @ @
H079 @ @ @ @
H080 @ @ @ @
H081 @ @ @ @
H082 @ @ @ @
H083 @ @ @ @
H084 @ @ @ @
H085 @ @ @ @
H086 @ @ @ @
H087 @ @ @ @
H088 @ @ @ @
H089 @ @ @ @
H090 1453 Byzantine Army @ @ @
H091 European Knights, 15th Century Product Available
@ @ @ @ @
Thanks much for Mr. Thomas Willers'  and Zhang Yu's painted photo

Battlefield Series for Historical Series expansion

HB01 WWII German Panzergrenadiers (Kharkov 1943) Product Available
HB02 WWII German Panzergrenadiers (Ardennes 1944) Product Available
HB03 WWII German Panzer Crews Product Available
HB04 WWII German Army with Camouflage Cape Product Available
HB05 @ @ @
HB06 @ @ @
HB07 @ @ @
HB08 @ @ @
HB09 @ @ @
HB10 @ @ @
HB11 Modern US Soldiers in Action Product @
HB12 Modern US Motar Team Product @
HB13 Modern US Support Weapon Team Product @
HB14 Modern Special Force - Seal Product @
HB15 @ @ @
HB16 @ @ @
HB17 @ @ @
HB18 Policeman @ @
HB19 Civilian @ @
HB20 Sportsman set1 Product "Available"
@ Sportsman set2 Product "Available"
@ Sportsman set3 Product "Available"
HB21 @ @ @
HB22 Astronaut and Spacecraft Product "Available"
HB23 @ @ @
HB24 @ @ @
HB25 @ @ @
HB26 @ @ @
HB27 @ @ @
HB28 @ @ @
HB29 @ @ @
HB30 @ @ @
HB31 @ @ @
HB32 1904-1905 Russian-Japanese War (Russian Army) @ @
HB33 1904-1905 Russian-Japanese War (Japan Army) @ @
HB34 Spanish American War 1898-- Spanish Army @ @
HB35 Spanish American War 1898-- American Army @ @
HB36 @ @ @
HB37 @ @ @
HB38 @ @ @
HB39 @ @ @
HB40 @ @ @
HB41 @ @ @
HB42 @ @ @
HB43 @ @ @

Fantasy Series

F101 Dwarves Product Available
F102 Elves Product Available
F103 Skeletons Product Available
F104 Adventurers Product Available
F105 Goblins Product Available
F106 Orc Warriors Product Available