Caesar Miniatures

About Caesar Miniatures

As a leading design studio and manufacturer of 1:72 scale figurines,  Caesar Miniatures is dedicated to develop the highest quality figurines and related products.  We are constantly seeking ways to improve all facets of our products from design to production in our never-ending quest to produce the best figurines possible on the market.

Our current lines include Caesar Miniatures, a line of historical 1:72 figurines depicting warriors and soldiers ranging from biblical times to the modern era, and Miniknight Miniature, a line of high detailed 1:72 miniatures.  We are expanding our range and periods for both these lines and are looking into related products as well.

It is our goal to create miniature figurines that our customers will find exciting and rewarding to collect and own.  We are continually looking for ways to expand our hobby. We want to introduce this fascinating hobby to more people.